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Appointment of Nominee

Every One Person Company shall have to appoint a nominee which has to be mentioned inside Memorandum of Association (MOA). The nominee so appointed needs to give his written consent which needs to be filed with ROC at the time of incorporation on the OPC alongside its MOA and AOA.


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FAQ on Appointment of Nominee:

What are the compliances for Appointment of Nominee?

  • Form INC-3Nominee Consent Form
    Form INC-4Change in Member/Nominee

Which person cannot become member of OPC?

  • A minor shall not be eligible becoming a member or nominee on the OPC or can take share with beneficial interest.
  • Foreign Citizen
  • Non Resident
  • Any person incapacitated to contract.
  • Persons besides natural person i.e living human being.

Can a nominee once appointed can withdraw himself?

  • Yes, a nominee can withdraw himself from being nominated.

What is the time limit to appoint another nominee?

  • Within 30 days of receipt of notice of withdrawal of consent has to submit with the Registrar, a notice of such withdrawal of consent and the intimation of the domain name of another individual nominated by truly the only member and the written consent of such other person.

appointment of nominee

Appointment of Nominee

*(Excluding Government fees on actual)

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