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Appointment of Auditors

Every company needs to appoint an Auditor within 1 month from date of incorporation.  Every LLP which are required to get their accounts audited also need to appoint an Auditor. There are various types of Auditor: Company Auditor, Cost Auditor, Internal Auditor, and Secretarial Auditor.


We at Taxoservice will help you to appoint auditor for the company/LLP.

FAQ on Appointment of Auditor:

What are the compliances for Appointment of Auditors?

  • ADT-1Appointment of Auditor
    MGT-14Appointment of Secretarial Auditor
    CRA-2Appointment of Cost Auditor


appoinment of auditor

Appointment of Auditors

*(Excluding Government fees on actual)

Simple easy process to appoint auditors for your business, we are happy to help you


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