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The Princes and the Press

The BBC's Amol Rajan looks at how Princes William and Harry have tried to manage their relationship with a media that is undergoing permanent revolution.

The relationship between the royal family and the media – particularly the tabloids – is complex and at times turbulent. For Princes William and Harry, it's been shaped by childhood tragedy, with the death of their mother, Princess Diana. Amol Rajan – the BBC’s Media Editor – has for the past year been working on a documentary that sheds light on how the Princes have tried to manage their relationships with a media that is undergoing permanent revolution. He's been looking at how Prince William has tried to play the game, and Prince Harry has tried to change the rules of that game. And he hears from a private investigator - who for the first time - describes the the lengths he says he went to in his surveillance of Prince Harry and his former girlfriend, Chelsy Davy. His claims are yet to be tested in court and are strongly disputed.

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