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    Video caption: Afghanistan: Life under Taliban rule

    With access to the new Taliban government, Yalda Hakim travels back to Afghanistan to find out what the country is like under their rule.

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    Video caption: US on Ukraine: 'We’re ready either way'

    Antony Blinken outlines a diplomatic path with Russia, while taking steps to bolster Ukraine's "security".

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    Video caption: Boris Johnson lied over Afghanistan animal evacuation - Labour MP Chris Bryant

    Leaked emails suggest Boris Johnson personally approved the evacuation of animals from Afghanistan.

  4. Face of Ethiopia's conflict appointed as ambassador

    Ameyu Etana

    BBC Afaan Oromo

    General Bacha Debele
    Image caption: General Bacha Debele has been at the forefront of the government's offensive against rebels in Tigray

    The man who has been the face of the conflict in Ethiopia - senior army commander General Bacha Debele - has been appointed as an ambassador.

    Details of his destination have not yet been disclosed by the office of the president.

    It may indicate a change in tactics by the government - earlier on Wednesday the cabinet said it intended to end the state of emergency declared in November early.

    Analysts say it may be part of a strategy to engage with the international community 15 months into the civil war.

  5. Russian mercenaries offer aid to Burkinabè coup leaders

    Anne Soy

    BBC senior Africa correspondent

    An image said to be of a Wagner fighter in Libya, posted on a Telegram channel in March 2021
    Image caption: Mercenaries from the shadowy Russian Wagner group have been involved in a number of African countries

    A group of Russian military contractors has written to the coup leaders in Burkina Faso offering to train the West African country’s army in their fight against jihadists.

    The group calling itself “Community of Officers for International Security”, which is based in the Central African Republic (CAR), published its offer in a letter the BBC has seen and verified.

    It is not clear if it has been or will be accepted.

    Burkina Faso is now led by a military junta that overthrew the government of President Roch Kaboré on Monday.

    The offer in the letter is explicit: “If Russian instructors are invited to train the army in Burkina Faso, they can do it effectively.”

    The letter, which has been verified by a Russian security adviser to the CAR presidency, also takes a swipe at the French-led offensive against extremists in the Sahel.

    Despite leading the operation for over a decade, it alleges they have had "no success", and adds that the Russian group can help the Burkinabè soldiers to “master the security situation in very little time”.

    Western powers condemned the deployment of Russian mercenaries to neighbouring Mali in December, saying it could lead to a further deterioration of security.

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