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            2. Leeds German Christmas market 2021 cancelled due to coronavirus

              Image source, OLI SCARFF/GETTY IMAGES
              Image caption,
              Market organisers said they were "sad" to have to cancel the event for the second year running

              The annual Leeds German Christmas market has been cancelled for a second year due to "uncertainty" over coronavirus.

              Bratwurst, Gluhwein and a selection of stalls normally draw thousands to the event in the city's Millennium Square.

              Market organisers said the decision to not go ahead was made "very early", at a time when it was unclear what restrictions would be in place.

              Leeds City Council said it understood their predicament.

              The Christkindelmarkt, which normally runs from early November to just before Christmas, had previously included a ski chalet-styled bar and big wheel before the initial cancellation in 2020.

              A team from the City of Frankfurt organises the open-air attraction in partnership with counterparts from Leeds City Council.

              Market director Kurt Stroscher said he was sad at the cancellation but his hand was forced by plans to bring new stalls to the attraction.

              "In order to make the necessary investment, we have decided to postpone the new-look market in order to avoid uncertainty and ensure that we offer the people of Leeds a high-quality event," he said.

              A spokesperson for Leeds City Council said it was a "disappointing" situation but the authority "understand the decision taken by our friends in Frankfurt and we wish them the very best".

              Festive events, food stalls on Millennium Square and other Christmas activities and music were planned, they added.

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