1. Portsmouth musician says walking away from family was the 'most empowering decision'

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    Video caption: Wyse shares her struggle with faith and sexuality.
  2. Gay reverend on the church that's been 'an absolute lifesaver'

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    Video caption: Reverend Andy Fitchet says being 'gobby' about his sexuality is really important.
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    Video caption: Virtual reality worship: What carols at home looks like this Christmas

    The Church of England has released a series of virtual reality carols

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    Video caption: Christmas: Colchester vicar says people should not feel alone

    A vicar says he wants to reach out so people do not feel alone and isolated this Christmas.

  5. NunTok: How religion is booming on social media

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    Video caption: NunTok: How religion is booming on TikTok and Instagram
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    Video caption: Gay and Muslim: Family wanted to 'make me better'

    Asad struggled with his mental health and suicidal thoughts when he came out to his relgious family.

  7. Freedom of Religion Debate

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    Video caption: Debate in the Commons on freedom of religion or belief, from Thursday 25 November.

    The debate on freedom of religion or belief to mark the 40th anniversary of the declaration on the elimination of religious intolerance, from Thursday 25 November.