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    Video caption: Beryl is still volunteering at 100 years old.

    Meet Beryl, the 100-year-old volunteer who is still serving at Ealing Hospital.

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    Video caption: Double-decker bus crash: Three children and two adults in hospital

    Three children and two adults have been taken to hospital after a double-decker bus hit a shop in north-east London.

  3. No-one is above the law - Sadiq Khan

    London mayor Sadiq Khan

    London's Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan has welcomed the police investigation into claims Downing Street parties broke Covid regulations.

    He says: "The public rightly expect the police to uphold the law without fear or favour, no matter who that involves and I have been clear that members of the public must be able to expect the highest standards from everyone, including the prime minister and those around him.

    "No-one is above the law. There cannot be one rule for the government and another for everyone else."

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    Video caption: Covid: 'We don't know what the next variant will be'

    After Omicron is thought to have peaked, how is Ealing Hospital coping with Covid?