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    Video caption: The rejected Dragons' Den contestant now making millions

    From being rejected on Dragons' Den to making millions, Alex Savelli shares his secrets to success.

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    Video caption: CEO Secrets: 'Make decisions as if you were on your deathbed'

    Michael Cockburn, co-founder of office-working app Desana, shares his business advice.

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    Video caption: Suffolk boy, 9, hopes wood will make him a millionaire

    Noah sells model trees and other wooden structures as decorations and has big dreams for the future.

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    Video caption: CEO Secrets: 'Don't overthink, fail fast and move on'

    Joel Akwenuke, founder of hair treatment company New Fade, shares his business advice.

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    Video caption: CEO Secrets: 'I learned a great lesson in betting shops'

    Peter Done, co-founder of Betfred betting shops and CEO of Peninsula, shares his CEO Secrets.

  6. Evolve Business Festival founder Warren Munson

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    Video caption: As part of our New Shoots series, we hear about a festival helping entrepreneurs
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    Video caption: CEO Secrets: Don't rely on a one supplier, have a back-up

    Always have a back-up supplier so they can take over if needed, says offcuts boss Nish Parekh.

  8. 19. Is This What Success Looks Like?

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    Video caption: Matthew Syed reveals the real secrets to success.

    Matthew Syed pulls the plug on unhelpful myths about success, with a story that asks us to define our own version of success.

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    Video caption: 'Take the risk and be bold in your approach'

    Oliver and Alexander Kent-Braham created innovative insurance Marshmallow, which is now worth $1bn.