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            2. Corrections and Clarifications

              The BBC's responses to editorial, technical and corporate issues.

              This page includes apologies, significant corrections, statements and responses. It does not include routine corrections to news stories, minor on-air apologies and schedule changes.

              Corrections and clarifications are published in the order that they were issued.

              BBC London News

              2 December 2021

              On 2 December 2021 BBC London's early evening news reported a story about an attack on a bus of students celebrating the Jewish festival of Chanukah in Oxford Street, London.

              During the course of the two-way interview BBC London reported that it was possible to hear "some racial slurs about Muslim people" coming from the bus. We would like to make it clear that shortly after the transmission it was believed only one such slur could be heard. In the days following that TV report, and the online article which accompanied it, the claim about a slur about Muslims coming from the bus has been disputed. The Executive Complaints Unit have investigated this issue and their findings are here.


              Reporting Scotland

              BBC One Scotland, 14 January 2022

              A report about the impact of the latest stage of the pandemic on NHS staff absences said that more than 50,000 staff had been absent over the week. That figure is the number of staff days lost – the number of actual staff absent was 7174. We corrected this statistic for later reports.


              The Andrew Marr Show

              BBC One, 28 March 2021

              When referring to newspaper coverage of what we called a ‘highly misogynistic culture’ in famous private schools in the wake of the Everyone’s Invited campaign, we said the situation in state schools was ‘even worse’. In fact the Observer’s report quoted a senior police officer who said abuse in schools was a national issue and that its occurrence was ‘more widespread than private schools.’


              Harry, Meghan and the Media

              BBC Sounds Podcast

              We stated that the Duchess of Sussex apologised for misleading the court in her case against Associated Newspaper Group. The Duchess of Sussex has asked us to clarify that she apologised to the court for not remembering email exchanges with her former communications secretary, Jason Knauf, in her evidence, and said that she had no intention to mislead the court.


              BBC Breakfast

              BBC One, 1 October 2021

              In an item about energy saving measures around the home we said ‘turning off the telly either at the button or at the wall could save you £35 a year’.

              In fact the Energy Saving Trust says £35 is the average amount spent by UK households every year powering all appliances that are left on standby.


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