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            2. Desserts, baking and pastry

              1. Breaking chocolate
              2. Caramelising sugar with a blow torch
              3. Covering a pie with a pastry lid
              4. Crimping the edge of a pasty
              5. Folding
              6. Glazing with egg wash
              7. How to assemble a tiered wedding cake
              8. How to blind bake pastry
              9. How to cover a cake with fondant icing
              10. How to cream butter by hand
              11. How to fold egg whites into a mixture
              12. How to ice a cake with buttercream
              13. How to ice a cake with royal icing
              14. How to ice cupcakes
              15. How to ice cupcakes with poured fondant
              16. How to knead bread dough
              17. How to line a rectangular cake tin
              18. How to line a round cake tin
              19. How to line cake tins
              20. How to make a checkerboard cake
              21. How to make a paper piping bag
              22. How to make a pavlova base
              23. How to make a Swiss roll cake
              24. How to make breadcrumbs
              25. How to make caramel and praline
              26. How to make choux pastry
              27. How to make custard
              28. How to make Italian meringue
              29. How to make parathas
              30. How to make pastry tart cases
              31. How to make two-tone icing
              32. How to marzipan a fruit cake
              33. How to pipe chocolate decorations
              34. How to pipe icing decoration on a cake
              35. How to poach pears
              36. How to rescue stale bread
              37. How to shape and fill vol-au-vents
              38. How to shape Danish pastries
              39. How to shape hot water pastry for a raised pie
              40. How to shape pizza dough
              41. How to soften butter fast
              42. How to temper chocolate
              43. How to test for stages of sugar syrup
              44. How to whip cream
              45. Icing a cake with chocolate ganache
              46. Knocking back
              47. Lining a tart tin with pastry
              48. Lining a tart tin: trimming the pastry
              49. Melting chocolate
              50. Preparing ramekins to cook soufflés
              51. Removing cakes from a cake tin
              52. Removing vanilla seeds from the pod
              53. Rolling out pastry
              54. Rubbing in
              55. Shaping a loaf of bread
              56. Steaming a pudding
              57. Testing to see if a cake is cooked
              58. Using a food processor to pulse ingredients
              59. Using a piping bag
              60. Using fresh yeast
              61. Working with filo pastry
              62. Wrapping a pudding for steaming
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