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            2. The BBC’s Editorial Values and Standards

              • Browse the GuidelinesThe Editorial Guidelines are the BBC's editorial values and standards. They apply to all our content, wherever and however it is received.
              • Browse the GuidanceGuidance notes supplement the Editorial Guidelines, with further explanation of their themes and practical tips.


              • Draft Election Guidelines 2022There are elections coming up in May in every nation of the UK: for the Northern Ireland Assembly and for local government throughout Scotland and Wales, as well as in many parts of England. The draft election guidelines for all the elections can be found here, containing proposed details with regard to coverage of the campaigns. The formal election periods begin from Wednesday 23rd March, with polling day on 5th May. However, there may be some output scheduled before then which may also give rise to considerations about relevant impartiality issues – advice is available from Ric Bailey or Matthew Eltringham.
              • By-election GuidanceA parliamentary by-election is taking place in Southend West on 3rd February.
              • Updated guidance: Working with contributorsUpdated guidance on working with contributors, including vulnerable contributors or those at risk of vulnerability, to reflect changes to the Ofcom broadcasting code.
              • Updated guidance: Reporting the UKAccurate reporting of the UK’s different governments and cultures is essential to the way our audiences view and judge the BBC’s output. This guidance has been updated to help programme teams report all parts of the UK accurately, consistently and fairly.
              • New Guidance: Social MediaNew guidance on social media covering professional and personal use.
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