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PF Registration

PF Registration is governed by Employees’ Provident Funds & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. To manage the operation of EPF a statutory body the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) is formed under Ministry of Labour and Employment. EPFO covers three schemes- The Employee Provident Fund, The Employee Pension Fund and Employee Deposit Linked Insurance (EDLI) Scheme.

Every establishment where 20 or more persons are employed is required to get registered in PF Department. Any person who is employed directly or employed through contractor, having Salary up to 15,000/-are eligible for contribution. Those companies which do not have the endorsed number of employees but willing to register themselves to provide the advantages of Provident Fund to their employees can register voluntarily with the Regional Provident Fund Office. Registration has to be done within 1 month from the date of hiring 20 employees. Any delay may result in a penalty.

FAQ on PF:

What are the documents required for registration?

  • For Proprietor/Partner/Directori.  
  1. PAN Card
  2. Aadhar Card/Voter ID Car
  •  For the Entity
  1. PAN card of Company/Firm/Society/Trust
  2. Cancelled Cheque (bearing preprinted name & A/c No.)
  3. Partnership Deed (in case of partnership)
  4. Certificate of Registration (in case of Proprietorship/Partnership)
  5.  Certificate of Incorporation (in case of company/society/trust)

What is the rate of contribution?

Employees          12%Basic + Dearness Allowance + Cash Value of Food Concession
Employer         13.36%

PF-3.67% + 0.85%

EDLI-0.5% + 0.01%


Basic + Dearness Allowance + Cash Value of Food Concession

Note:-  0.85% is PF Administrative charges payable in A/c 2 (subject to minimum of 75/- per month for non-functional establishment and 500/- per month for other establishments)

Note:-  0.01% is EDLI Administrative Charges payable in A/c 22 (subject to minimum of 25/- per month for non-functional establishment and 200/- per month for other establishments)

Can I opt out of EPF scheme?

  • Yes, you can opt out of EPF scheme if your monthly salary (Basic + DA) is more than 15,000, but you have to decide it before becoming the member of EPF. Once you become a PF member, you can’t leave it till you are in the job.

I am not the member of EPF, can I join later?

  • Yes you can join EPF any time before the retirement. There is no such restriction.

My company is very small, It is not part of EPF act. Can I individually become the member of EPF?

  • It is not possible without the employer. The contribution towards employer is the must for EPF.

Do I need to become the member of PF, whenever I join a new company?

  • No, Every new employee gets the Universal Account Number. This number is portable and works with any job. You can quote the existing UAN to the new employer. It will make your PF membership portable. The PF balance from the previous company also gets transferred through the UAN.

Is universal account number necessary for becoming the member of EPF. How can we get it?

  • Today, EPFO asks UAN for every interaction with it. EPF membership, transfer, withdrawal and even complaint can’t be lodged without the UAN. Normally, the EPFO issues UAN for all of the active members. The employers have to distribute this number to its employees. But, an employee can also check its UAN status through the UAN portal. It requires the PF member ID to reveal the UAN. Besides this one can get UAN even before getting the job. This UAN can be mentioned at the time of joining a job.

Why should I join the EPF, why not put our retirement saving in other pension schemes?

  • The EPF is constituted mainly for the low income worker. This class of worker is not very aware about the retirement saving. This forced saving builds a decent retirement corpus. Therefore, people who earns more than 15,000/month are free to opt out of EPF. However, the terms and condition of EPF make it restricted saving. Because of the restriction, this saving lasts till the retirement. Whereas, other saving can be spent before the retirement. Also, the EPF investment is very secure and cheap saving plan.

How many years service is required to be eligible to receive member pension?

  • Minimum 10 years eligible service will entitle for member pension

Does pension amount also transfers along with the EPF

  • Yes. It gets transferred automatically along with the EPF.

Can a member increase his EPF contribution?

  • Yes, an EPF member can increase his EPF contribution up to the 100% of the salary. But an employer is not bound to match the amount beyond 12%. Also, if an employer increases its contribution beyond 12%, the additional amount would be taxable.

My employer is not approving the EPF withdrawal form? How can I get the PF balance?

  • If an employer is not signing the EPF withdrawal application. You have two ways to proceed. Use the new form of EPF withdrawal and submit it directly to the regional EPF office. For this method, you should have activated UAN and approved KYC. Fill the EPF withdrawal form yourself and get it attested from the gazetted office or bank manager.

What is Employee Pension Scheme?

  • The employee Pension scheme runs along the EPF. The contribution to this scheme is fulfilled by the employer. The contribution is 8.33% of the salary (Basic + DA). The maximum contribution to the EPS in a year is 15,000. The employee pension scheme gives pension to the employee after attaining the age of 58. You can take discounted pension after the age of 50. The pension benefit is reduced by 3% for every year falling short of 58.The pension is calculated on the basis of last pay and duration of service.In case a person leaves the job before the age of 58, there are three options before him:
  1. If the total service is less than 10 years, he/she can withdraw the pension benefit.
  2. If the total service is more than 10 years, he/she can get scheme certificate. The scheme certificate is used once the member gets another job. Otherwise, it will be used to get the pension at the age of 58.
  • This scheme also gives pension to the family member of a deceased employee.

What is Employee Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme?

  • This scheme gives lump sum benefit upon the death of a serving employee. The amount is given to the nominee of the employee. The insurance cover under EDLI is based on a formula. The cover is 30 times of the last drawn salary. Along with this a bonus of 1.5 lakh is also given. The salary for this calculation can’t go beyond 15,000/month. Hence maximum cover under this scheme is 6 lakh.

pf registration

PF Registration

With contribution of more than `15,000 employing more than 20 persons, PF registration is required


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