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PF Return Filings

PF Returns are to be filed by the employer registered under Employees’ Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. These returns will include details required under the three schemes namely, Employees Provident Fund Scheme, 1952, Employee Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme, 1976 and Employee Pension Scheme, 1995.

FAQ on PF Returns:

What is the due date of filing PF Returns?

Form NameDue DateFrequency
Form 525th of every monthWithin 15 days
Form 1025th of every monthMonthly
Form 12A25th of every monthMonthly
Form 3A30th AprilYearly
Form 6A30th AprilYearly

What is the due date for payment of EPF to the credit of government?

  • Within 15th of the following month. (Plus 5 days of Grace period)

What is Form 9?

  • The details of employees enrolled as members of Employees’ Provident Funds ’52, Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance’ 76 & Employees’ Pension Scheme’ 95 on coverage of the establishment- This is to be submitted immediately after coverage, within 15 days of coverage.

What is Form 5?

  • The details of the employees enrolled newly to the Provident Fund- To be submitted along with Form-12A every month within 15 days of the following month.

What is Form 10?

  • The details of the employees leaving service during the month- To be submitted along with form-12A.

What is Form 12A?

  • The details of the contributions recovered form the members & paid along with details of employers’ contribution & administrative charges- This is to be submitted monthly by 25th of following month.

What is Form 3A?

  • The details of wages & contributions in respect of each member, to be prepared financial year wise- To be submitted to the Provident Fund office by 30th of April every year.

What is Form 6A?

  • Yearly consolidated statement of contributions- To be forwarded yearly along with form-3A. It should be ensured that all the form-3A are entered in form-6A, irrespective of whether the form-3A was forwarded for the broken period and the total dues as per the form-12A for the whole year agrees with the total of form-6A within 30th April.

What is Form 2?

  • Nomination form- To be submitted along with form-5/9.

What is Form 5A?

  • Return of ownership of the establishment- To be forwarded immediately after coverage & whenever there is a change in the ownership, it has to be intimated within 15 days of change.

pf return filing

PF Return Filings

(*For a quarter year all inclusive)

Filed by units having PF Registration every month


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